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Originally Posted by GingerandHoney View Post
I think everyone thinks their ideas are original. I've come up with at least 3 different designs that I've never posted and then all of a sudden I'm searching etsy and "Whaaaaaaaa? I thought I made that up?"

I think to an extent, we all copy each other. There was a first for the twisted boutique bow, the tutu dress, and the singed flower. I bet the original inventors of these designs are HOT (mad)! Everyone is copying them....LOL!

It's nothing wrong with wanting to create something equally as beautiful as her design, if you make it your own.

Are you saying that even tho I made a t-shirt dress, I MIGHT NOT be the first one to ever think of it? I suppose next you are going to tell me that I am also not the first to think of tooth pics and dental floss eh?