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Default Re: Help rolling ribbon with drill!

Originally Posted by AngieColeman View Post
Well, it stinks you missed the deadline. But am very happy you are doing well online. I love your site, it looks really good and is easy to navigate. I still want to get a dress from you for Alex, just have to wait until I have some extra money. I do love the one with the ruffle.

I can't wait to meet you! I am very excited.

Can you do me a favor when you get a chance? Can you look at my webiste and let me know what you think? It is I just started it and need some opinions.

Thanks so much!
I think it looks great! You have good descriptions, have your warning about small parts and clearly state your turn around time, also the pictures are clear. I also like that the pictures are all the same size - for instance when I'm looking at the scrabble tile necklaces each the pictures are even and centered and the same size. Some of mine aren't the same size and it drives me nuts. LOL

If you want me to be super nit picky I would probably put a white background behind your items. But thats just me - some prefer the darker background!!!

Originally Posted by pollywogbows View Post
Did you try putting a piece of cardboard or a cardboard disk on the bit before you started? Also pull the ribbon back slightly from the front. It should keep it a little straighter. Works best with three hands but if you're not an alien or extremely gifted, a cooperative DH helps.
Thanks! I haven't tried the cardboard disk - and I can always bribe my DH to help. LOL jk
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