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Originally Posted by Bunyfuny View Post
Her tutus are gorgeous!!! I've never seen any like them before. Kinda stinks that they are going to be copied. I've seen a lot of people post about being angry because local people/family are copying them and everyone jumps on board to say how bad it is. Even if she can't copyright it, I think it's sad that anyone would do that. JMO
I agree to a certain point. Her shop says she's in NY, and I'm in WA state. I don't sell on etsy, so I don't see that I'd be "competition". Ya know? Even if someone didn't buy it and was going to figure it out that way, I know that I would figure it out for myself (maybe not exact, but I'd get the "look").

How did any of us figure anything out? We got our ideas and "how-tos" from other people and things that they've created or vice versa. That's exactly what were all doing here, right? I'm not saying "steal" her ideas and sell eveything she does and nothing more. But it'd be a great option to have.