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Default Re: How to make twisted boutique bow video

Originally Posted by GCHandte View Post
Oh good, I have a question for you. Since the tails are inside and not glued or sewn, I would think there would be a risk of one of the tails pulling out if the child pulled on it. Do you think a dab of glue would be ok to use when it is in that figure 8?
Well another questions just popped in, Do you think it would be ok to use 1/4" grosgrain ribbon to tie it off? That's the kind of ribbon I have been using for my korkers and it seems to be very strong.
I do believe that would be fine,I've never done it but it doesn't sound like a bad idea!The other tutorial I am going to make shows how I sew it then pretty much make it the same way, that way you don't have to worry about it and it's simple You could give the 1/4 a try and see how well it works.I use sheer ribbon and it works great for me, if you try it, let me know how well it works!I would think it would work about the same way as sheer.
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