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Default Product Review-Resin Drops

Yes, these are THE "Resin Drops" that are being sold on the forum in group buys. My business partner bought Resin Drops for us to try. If we liked them and it made our lives easier, we were going to buy quite a few. Instead, the Resin Drops were a waste of money.

First, the drops pulled the images OFF of the bottlecaps after a few days. We tried the Xyron sticker maker (permanent), mod podge, and finally E6000. It didn't matter.

Second, it does not seal around the image like using resin would. IMO it looks just like what it is, a sticker. Kinda tacky to me.

Third, it feels like rubber not resin. It is not a hard finish like resin, more like a bouncy ball type feel.

In my honest opinion, do not waste your money on these. Even Glossy Accents and Diamond Glaze give a better finish than the Resin Drops. I am very glad that we bought them to try and did not sell a single cap with this on it. I'd be very embarrassed to have a customer complain that the image fell off or how cheap it looks compared to the ones made with actual resin.

Pictures attached.
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