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Default Re: How to sew itty bitty bow center

Originally Posted by myztic View Post
but like..w hat is the technique for sewing the center? is the needle going in and out twice?
Oh! Do you mean before the center knot goes on? If so this is what I do: I use the gator bite to hold my bow and tie it first with dental floss knotting on the bottom of the bow. Then, I take it off the gator bite and push the needle through the bottom (near the dental floss knot) through to the top, and then I wrap it around the center a few times (2-3 times), pulling tight as I go. I then use a tiny dab of hot glue to kind of "knot" my thread (on the underside of the bow) and keep it from unraveling. When that dries I cut all my loose ends from the dental floss and the regular thread. At that point I glue the bow to my lined clip and add the center knot. Hope that helps! I could try to do some pics of these steps the next time I make a bitty bow. But let me know first if you need them. Lauren

PS I find that these bows are so small that it is better to tie them first and then sew them.

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