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Devon has instructions @ nobownogo.....

I just did a buy for the curly ostrich and have some extras......

This what I had extra of but as people are ordering I'm pulling.... But I did have at least one yard of each.... let me know when you get a chance...... Som of the colors I don't think I have anymore but I'll check when you let me know what you need.......

It's $9.30 per yard but that includes ALL fees except shipping to you......

Here are the colors I have Lilac, bright yellow, lime, black, hot pink, red, tuquoise, white, light pink, aqua, regal purple, brown, gray, candy pink,

Shipping has been running between $5- $8.... per order.......

LMK and I can get it mailed out to you ASAP......

You can email me directly at [email protected]


Originally Posted by PinkBug View Post
Hey Ya'll i'm interested in making this type of marabou.[]=tags&includes[]=title

I believe I've seen it at Joann's. But i'm afraid to do it until I have some wise advice! OK so how do you attach this to a clip? Super glue or E6000? Do you still line the clip? And do you ball this up before you glue it?

Sorry for so many questions I just hate messing things up!!

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