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sarah, He didn't have sisters huh?! lol do you know how many times I have been having a conversation with dh and I'll start talking about one of you or something that was said and he's like huh? I guess some of the stories are only funny if you know what happens here!!He thinks I have a "problem" if he only knew!! LOL

Wendy, I love long hair Lacy's grows pretty good she will be 6 in july and we get it trimmed (1-2 in) every other month and it stays really close to her waist line. Carly's is several in below her sholders and she is only 2 I think she is going to have even more than Lacy!!! The only time it bothers me is shampooing, it takes sooo long to do both girls! As far as me I get head aches from to many pony tails so I keep it a little shorted than I actually like...Maybe someday you will donate yours! What a good thing to teach your children about if you do decide too!
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