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Default Re: Photoshoot, OK but not 100% satisfied

Originally Posted by cancousins View Post
I think she did crop them like this although when I called her on it she said she didnt, but during the shoot she showed me some pics and they were showing the whole tutu so who knows....she also took about 100 pics but only gave me 48 is that normal?
I do think that is normal for a photographer. I know when I've worked with photographers before, they were not friends of mine, I requested beforehand that I get a disc with all of the photos on them, regardless of whether they were "good" pictures of not. Depending on the photographer, they could charge you an arm & a leg for a disc of all the pictures, but I've always made that part of the agreement up front & never had an issue. I would try talking to her again, and just be honest. If it were me, I would just tell her you were hoping to have a better picture of the product & although you are really happy with the pictures of your DD, the product isn't as prominent as you would have liked & can she please give you a disc with all of the original photos from the shoot.

The worst she could do is say no. But like I said, I'm picky & I'm stubborn, so I would try to get the pictures. It's tricky when you're dealing with a friend, but it's still important that you get what you wanted out of the shoot.
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