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Default Re: Liquid Stitch permanent clear drying adhesive??? Does anyone line clips with this

I have only used it to glue patches on a uniform. They came off in 3 days. I threw the liquid stitch away. LOL

I do remember having to leave them out over night to dry. I glued on like 10 patches and every one of them came off, and I did use it VERY generously so it couldn't have been a matter of not using enough.

I use hot glue for my clips, dries really fast so you have to be quick, I have been doing it so long I have a system down, but I have heard others say they get lumps with hot glue. I am sure I had lumps in the begging as well, but I was just making them for my sisters, so not really a big deal if they weren't perfect! LOL

* I bought it at walmart and I have seen it at HL and joanns
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