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Default Re: how to measure the ribbon...

Originally Posted by bibbidibobbidi View Post
Good Morning!
I thought I was the only one on here! I from the UK so not usually on the site when most people are due to time difference.

My bottom bow is a boutique bow, it gives the stacked bow more height and support!
Don't forget to post a pic when your bow is done, I can't wait to see!
I was up past 3 a.m. our time that night, but the next day I was so tired. I am a night owl at night, but then a cry baby in the morning.
I ended up making a pinwheel bow for the botton (because I wasn't sure at the time), and I think this measurment works for a pinwheel bow too. My bow is not totally done. I wanted to add a shrink film center to it, but I can't find the shrink film for inkjet printer anywhere at the sores. So I have to order online and then wait for ever and three days for it to get here. So I just took a picture of what I have so far. I have never posted pictures before, so I hope I do this right.

Now I have to make 3 more bows like this one (so both of my girls have sets of two), and of course I have ran out of pink ribbon. So off to the store to pick up some...
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