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Default Re: Postcards for headbands?

I was going to use tape on my regular postcards but decided on something else. I've been meaning to ask you ladies what you thought about it. I folded the excess part of the headband at the back of my card (like you ladies who use tape do) but instead of taping it, I tied ribbon around the headband and knotted it just tight enough to hold but not so tight that it will leave a bad crease when the customer takes it off the postcard.

I left a crocheted headband on the card for a week that way and then took off the ribbon to see if the headband itself would be ugly from the creases. It didn't look bad whatsoever. The only thing I'm waiting to test it on is regular nylon headbands. Somehow I have a feeling those might leave a worse crease.

I do LOVE the idea about the half circle punched out of the oversized postcards. That is a fabulous idea!

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