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Default Re: seriously need help with jump rings!

Ok, to use a split ring tool you just insert the tool between the part of the split ring where there are two pieces of wire. It basically just separates them for you freeing up your fingers while you thread the split ring on.

The best way to get jump rings to work for you is to use two pairs of flat nose pliers. Holding each part of the jump ring with a separate pair of pliers, pull one half of the ring towards you, and push the other away from you. Once you've threaded your bottlecap/whatever on, just do the opposite to close. This way, you're not distorting the shape at all, and things should close a lot easier. If you want, you can then solder the jump ring shut. Whatever you do, don't pull the jump ring apart sideways, you'll never get the little bastard to close again in a perfect circle!! LOL Ok, hope I didn't confuse you.

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