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Originally Posted by QueenBow View Post
I use the e6000 and use alligator clips to keep the ribbon from moving. I let the flops sit for about 24 hours. They stay put after that. When I attach the bows I have to use clothes pins on each side of the bows and it works great for me.
I have made a bundle of them this year.. So far.. have used double sided tape and E600, even though I hate the fact that I am sacraficing my liver for this. Here is what I have discovered.

1- They must cure for 24 hours (not in your house either). Keep those fumes away from your family.

2- I am not that hard on flips. Double sided tape works well for me, however my twin grandaughters can "tear up some shoes".. the hot glue does not work for them for sure. This year I glued rhinestones (E600) on the top of the bands. No ribbon to be torn off.

3- I am doing the raggie bows on some, charms on some, (steering away from the ribbon wrap. I think it looks cheap and will come off. My opinion only after last year. You can do a few ribbon ties (like the raggie bows_ with some embellishments and charms and get a better effect with no ribbon wrapping.

I have sold about 80 pairs of Easter Flips to friends and families and craft mall. I hope they hold up. Will know more later. ( I will post some pics tomorrow as I have alot that we have worked up in the last couple of days). I am leaving a bin in my car as we wear the ones we make and have tons of compliments (so I go get my bin, thus saving fees. Crazy.. but it sells. I have had so many people say (do you have a website.. (nope.. got the domain name and the biz cards, but no website yet. My grandaughter can hopefully come this weekend to get my site up.

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