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Default Re: Just had my first experience with something that most of you have experienced..

Last time I bought clips I only bought two boxes (that is all they had on the shelf) and they were the kind with no ridges. I'm just using the last of my second box...have about 10-12 left and need to get some more really bad but I was going to wait till I am in FL since that is one thing I plan on doing while I'm there. Easy to do and bring back without getting squished (a technical term that all of us know and use ). I am sooooo hoping they have the old ones there. I really don't want to deal with ridges except in my Ruffles potato chips (I hope I'm not the only one old enough to remember "Ruffles have ridges" ). I do hope Sally's brings back the old "non-ridged" clips.


Originally Posted by julia44 View Post
That's all I can find here. I only bought them cause I need clips super bad. I only like them with glitter ribbon ugh.
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