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Default Re: Flower FOE headbands??

Originally Posted by Scoots View Post
I also fell in love with them too...especially since hydrangeas are and have ALWAYS been my favorite flower.

I use a lighter to fuse my FOE together. My sizes range from 12-17 (newborn to adult). I then take another small strip of foe to make an interchangeable loop..yes..I do it with my hydrangea headbands as well since I want to cover the seam of the headband.

I usually do three layers on my hydrangeas and glue them with hot glue right onto the headband. I accommodate for the stretch by putting the flowers fairly close together.

I also have bought most of mine from Michael's. My favorite ones are the "real feel" type hydrangeas. The pink and purple ones are those. They are amazing!!

I offer single, double and triple hydrangea headbands as well as clips and bobby pins. They are just too pretty!
Very pretty! Does your loop get covered by the flowers? Those are the flowers I bought today.... super excited!! I am going to burn with lighter also. Do they hold up way fine?
I have a bow obsession!
Have we had a transaction? If so, please leave feedback here THANKS!!!!
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