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Default Re: Flower FOE headbands??

Originally Posted by 564tamara View Post
Thank you!!! Your pic is exactly what I want to make. How do you sew the flowers onto the foe? That is where I am drawing a blank. Do you somehow sew them near the center hole?? I'm guessing the gem will cover the stitches? But I don't get how to sew them. LOL Guess I'm blond when it comes to this.
Yes, I sew near the center hole. You could do a stitch on either side of the center, or a stitch or two across the center. I usually sew just the bottom flower on, and then hot glue the second flower on top. So the stitches get covered by the second flower. You could sew through both though, as long as they are small enough to be covered by the center embellishment. A little 'X' stitch usually does it for me.
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