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Default Re: Help combining covered button and pony-o streamers

Originally Posted by wmfjones75 View Post
I created some custom covered button pony-s for our local school and I created seperate ponytail streamers. Now it seems that everyone wants the button and the streamers together. That's not a problem if you are starting form scratch, but I am hoping to use some of the covered buttons that I already have since they aren't selling by themselves.

I would usually sew theribbons and ponytail elastic together and then wrap a small wire around them and run it through the back of the button several times. Wrap the wire off on what would be the inside of the button and then put the button together. They are extremely secure.

Ok, but how could I do this sense the button is already put together? can't wire them together since the back is already on? IS this making sense to anyone?

Here are the 2 items I am trying to combine:
Etsy :: practicallyprecious :: Custom team pony-o

Etsy :: practicallyprecious :: Team Spirit Ponytail streamer

I just don't want to waste what I alraedy have that's not selling.
How do you attach the elastic ponytail holder to the button? I'm wanting to make monogrammed ponytail holders and was wondering how to do this... I have the monogrammed fabric on buttons.
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