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Default Re: Flower FOE headbands??

It's really quite easy. Determine what length you want your FOE headband. 12-17" are pretty normal sizes for newborn to toddlers. I usually go for the 15". There is a tut on here for making FOE headbands. Some people prefer to sew, some use a woodburner to fuse, some glue their FOE together. I sew. Once your headband is sewn all you have to do is attach the flowers. I double up my petals and sew them to the headband. Then glue a jewel in the center. I also put a small strip of felt on the inside of the headband to cover up stitching. The felt also keeps the headband from stretching between the flowers and creating gaps.

Sometimes I lay the petals really flat, and sometimes I put them very close to get the flowers to "stand up" more.

Here's a pic of a finished product.
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