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Default Re: Ribbon lengths for Twisted Boutique Bows??

Originally Posted by ordi5103 View Post
Wow, thank you!! I do have some figure out - like I don't measure for pinwheels but use my fingers or bowmaker and I know that 16" of 1.5 gets me the 3.5" boutique bow without twists that I use for the base of my one style. I tried to use the hair-hardware measurements, but they seem to make like 5" bows instead of 3"...or something!!

Anyway, I do prefer to do free-hand. I don't have any templates - and don't really want to buy any. So, if there are any more ladies who would like to share, I would love more measurements...Thanks!!
I know what you mean hun!for twisted boutique bows, I prefer 18 inches for 7/8 ribbon.Makes a 2.5 inch bow and looks great!try that,I bet you will be happy with the size!I have tried all sorts of different measurements but 18" seems to look best to me.I use 22" of 1.5" ribbon, and 10-12" of 3/8.
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