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Default Re: How much would you charge for 20 completed headbands for a customer?

Originally Posted by ceamama View Post
Did she see a price in your "shop" or listing? If so, she probably expects to pay that, unless she asked about a discount. If you want to give her a break, give her 10-15% off for a large order discount and be sure you TELL HER that you did that.

If you're just feeling bad about someone spending that much on bows, you should resist the urge to discount them too much, because you'll just end up working for nothing, and if she wants to re-order later, she'll expect the same kind of deal. Then what will you do???
I completely agree with this! I gave a customer who ordered 50+ hair clips a 10% discount, I didnt tell her, just assuming she would figure it out, then the next time she ordered I gave the same discount (she ordered a lot again) and she asked if I could do a larger discount thinking the first discount was larger than 10%. SO make sure she knows how much a discount you are giving!

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