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Default Re: HOW do you get your korders to look so full and puffy?

I hate them too! Just such a process! I only added the rhinestone bc it was already flat and I had to have something to fill that gap. I will just keep korkin' until I get it

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
I wouldn't add the rhinestone unless that's the specific look you're going for. It does flatten it out.

If you have enough pieces in there and you are careful when you sew your couple of times up and down it'll be good. If all else you can starch and fluff, hang upside down. You can also "trim" to give it a rounder appearance. I have a korker box, I don't use it anymore, my daughter can pull out the strands on tied korkers. 35-40 pieces of 3" should be enough, make sure you rotating your strands as well.

I hate korkers LOL, I need to start korking for my May show because they are such a big seller, I just hate those boogers!
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