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Default Re: Sharing pictures of the Sunhats I made...

Originally Posted by PolkaDotWholesale View Post
Yes, if they buy them direct from me I sell them for $24 and have had no problem getting that. My boutiques that buy them wholesale pay me $16 for them. They are selling them for $28. The boutiques that do not buy wholesale have them priced at $26-28 and they get 25% and I get 75%. They have really been selling for me. I was just asked to put them into 2 hair salons and a jewelry store that sells high end costume jewelry, purses, hair accessories...really cute shop.

No, they are not interchangeable...I glue them right to the hat.
Can I ask are you just using hot glue?? I'm debating on sewing or making interchangeable ones or glueing?!?!?! Most of my stuff is interchangeable but sometimes it's such a pita!!! LOL
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