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Default Ribbon Heaven Review

I know a lot of people have complained/commented on the slow shipping from Ribbon Heaven, so I wanted to give an honest review on my purchase.

This was my first order from Ribbon Heaven & I have to agree with some of the ladies, I wish there was a little wider variety because I'm not too into the M2MG designs, but I live near Disney, so the mouseheads were a huge draw for me. I knew what I was getting when I signed up, so I have no complaints.

I placed my order on Friday (3/26) and I was beyond thrilled to find it in my mailbox today! It only took 4 business days to get to me & I'm so pleased with the quality. I got 20 yards of free ribbon with my order (I think you get 10 yards with every order and this was my first order on top of that & I was referred from the lovely Shelley) and the quality is outstanding. The prints are so much cuter in person (not that they aren't on the site, but in person they're just fabulous) and I'm so pleased with how quickly I got the order. I was expecting a really long wait time since I bought ribbon after they put it on sale, I kind of figured there would be a slower turn around time with more orders coming in. I know that I can't always expect to receive orders that quickly, but it was still a really great first experience.

I just wanted to rave on Ribbon Heaven a little since I know they get a lot of slack for shipping sometimes.
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