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Default Re: Cutest Alligator EVER!!!!!!

Sorry ladies, I haven't had a chance to send the instructions to all of you. I have tons of Easter orders to finish by Thursday and two exams Thursday night and I have 34 PMs to send instructions to, so it may not be until Friday or Saturday until I can get to them all. I thought I'd have a minute to do it today, but alas, I'm still working on orders. Sorry for the delay, but I need to get my orders finished first. You all are so awesome!

By the way, if you hadn't seen my original thread where I posted Ally, I stated that this is not my original design and that I saw a picture of one on the internet and figured out how to make her. I'm not selling instructions, just sharing how I made her. The instructions aren't amazing or anything. I just jotted down my measurements and the few steps I did. There aren't any pictures, but it's easy to follow. Thanks for all the sweet comments, you guys.
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