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Default Re: bottom of stacked - type of bow?

Originally Posted by kcmom24 View Post
If you don't mind me asking do you do pinwheel, spikes then twisted boutique? They are beautiful!!!
Yes, pinwheel, spikes, then twisted.

Originally Posted by myztic View Post
if you use a pinwheel or boutique bow on the bottom how do you know what size to make the base bow? is it one or two sizes larger than the top bow? I kinda just eyeball it. I make the bottom bow first (I have homemade templates for the pinwheels, all different sizes) and then I just fold a twisted and kind hold it on top to see if it looks ok. Very scientific, I know! I've made enough that I know when I use my 4" template for the pinwheel I use about 22" of ribbon for the twisted. Thats what works for me.

Originally Posted by luckymommy View Post
I love your bows!

Originally Posted by fdickeymom View Post
Do you use the spray starch I cant find the other where I live. How do you starch yours???
I use half sta-flo and half water.
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