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Default Re: Bolt Tulle - how to cut?

Originally Posted by gngr78us View Post
Its on the roll doubled....i just roll it out and cut it in big chunks then on the ends slide my sharp scissors down the sides. On the side where it is folded to be doubled I just use the scissors and cut it there. I then roll it and cut in 6 inch pieces. It takes time, but I get alot off one bolt. For me one piece is usually about 22 inches which would make it 11 inches folded in half for a tutu.
It is not that hard at all. I can cut enough for 1 tutu in 2.5 minutes. First determine the length of the tutu. If you want a 10 inch then you would double that and add 2inches for the knot so measure out 22 inches off tulle and cut. Cut the edges of the tulle and then fold over width way and cut the edges again. You will then have 8 22 inch strips.
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