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Default Re: FOE headband????

I don't know how to post pictures. There's a tut on here for the interchangeable ones. It glues the ribbon. I sew mine. I use 3/8 ribbon stitch it on the underside at the edge. Wrap it around the headband fold the edge under and stitch.
Honestly, for my girls, I like to stitch the flowers directly to the headband. I haven't used them with bows. I have used the hydrangeas and the fabric flowers.
I have had the problem with them slipping off. I am going to get the silicone that everyone has been saying to use to see if it helps.
My oldest daughter is 8 and my headbands are 19 inches. They fit my 4 yr old too.
Hope this helps. I'm not always the greatest at explaining things.

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