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Default Re: ? For those that print your own ribbon

Originally Posted by mommyparker View Post
AM- I'm working on the popsicle one that I bought from you the other day. As I said, my first attempt did not go well. I'm trying again with a different brand of transfer paper right now. If all goes well, I'll be back for more!
When I first started doing this about 2 years ago I used the Avery Brand only for light color. If you don't iron long enough, then some parts of the image will not transfer.

Here are my instructions I did a while ago.

If your file has text on it and the file is not already set to mirror image, then you will need to set this in your set up / printing option. You also want to use the softest grosgrain ribbon you have on hand as the process of the transfer will make your ribbon stiffer.

I hope this helps.
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