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Default Re: ? For those that print your own ribbon

I use Avery Light Fabric transfers #3271. I buy it at Staples for about $8 for 6 sheets. I do all my graphics in Microsoft Word, resize images to be no bigger than .6 inches. When I print, this is what I do:
Select Print
Select Properties
Under Paper/Quality Change Paper Type to HP Iron On Transfer and Print Quality to Best
Under Finishing select Mirror Image
Print your images. Cut to size, I use a paper cutter and cut to just a smidge less that ribbon width.
When doing the actual "iron on", I use a wooden cutting board on my ironing board and some scrap cotton fabric. I do a quick press on the ribbon, then apply my iron on face down onto ribbon, do a quick pass with iron, THEN I cover with the fabric and PRESS HARD AND CONTINUALLY PASSING IRON OVER TRANSFER/RIBBON, NO STEAM. This is the key!! I have tried following their directions and I had problems with the image coming off. I go over it at least for 4 minutes. LET IT COOL COMPLETELY before trying to pull off the paper backing. try a small corner, you will see whether the image transferred correctly or not, but I don't have any problems. Hope this helps.
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