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Default Re: good bow for Easter for a baby?

Originally Posted by lorine2004 View Post
ok, so i am BRAND new at this. Actually, i haven't even started making bows yet, i'm still in the research phase... I'm not planning on making and selling them, i am just planning on making them for my one month old daughter and my neices and some friends.

I have seen a ton of AMAZING bows on here, but I'm afraid most of them would be too big for my little baby's head. I was wanting to attempt to make something for her to wear for Easter. So does anyone have an idea of something fairly simple that would look good on a one month old without being "too much"? I have some just small versions of the basic boutique bow that look good (they are about 2 inches across), but i was hoping to be able to make something a little more "special occasion" looking.

Oh, and she has almost no hair, so i would have to clip it or sew it to a headband.

Any help or advice would be amazing. TIA!
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