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Default Re: Question for the ladies use woodburner to make FOE

Originally Posted by ThreeBlessingsBowtique View Post
make sure your ends are as close as you can then after it gets hot, it melts a bit them squish it together with your fingers, then touch up the areas that are not quite together
I am having the same problem! Having a hard time picturing it. Do you put the foe down going the same direction or facing each other in the opposite direction. I have tried so many times and just keep buring it all the through!
Do you use a special tip on the woodburner?

I have tried the lighter method too. One time, it kinda worked on one side, but the melted part was hard as a rock, I thought that would be awful for a baby to wear, even with more foe glued around it.

I feel so.... well, lets just say, not so smart! lol

ANy help or pictures for the not so smart gal would be awesome!
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