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Default Re: How to make Interchangeable Necklaces

Originally Posted by Lollipopcreations View Post
Thank you for all the great details. I make my necklaces the same way and have found the following etsy seller has a nice selection of quality magnets:

Also, I am having problems lately with Walgreens refusing to print some of my bottle cap images. Some I have created myself & some I have purchased via etsy.

So, I tried printing them at home on photo paper but when I glaze them the graphics smear. Do you have any suggestions for protecting the image from smearing or possibly using a different kind of photo paper?

I have tried putting clear packaging tape over the image first to protect it, but that didn't work. It still smeared.

Thanks so much!

I don't know if you ever got an answer on this or not. Walgreen's may not print images that are copyrighted like disney, sports logos, twilight, etc. I have several Walgreen's around me and one of them won't print images, but the other I have had no problems.
If you print the images out on photo paper from home you need to seal the images with a sealer. The sealer is sold with spray paint and it's basically a clear gloss. You would need to spray them images several times before glazing so the images won't smear. I have also heard that you can coat with Modge Podge and that works too, but I have not tried that one.
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