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Default Re: Perfect Rhinestone

Originally Posted by DelaMay09 View Post
Thanks for the interesting facts and links Allison. I'm liking the Rhinestone Guys site a lot. Is the turn around pretty quick from there and do I need a tax id to buy from him or can I just place an order? Thanks.
YEs, I am a research junkie, I research it all, I have friends that call me and ask me to find info for them, research it and summarize for them, they call me the google queen, tell me I come up with stuff they never even found, comes from teaching tech to other teachers for I feed that monster by researching somewhat useless items and know way too much for my own good, much of which I keep to myself.....

politics, genealogy, ADHD, homeschooling, current education trends, forms of government, on and on........just cant stop myself
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