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Default Re: Perfect Rhinestone

Originally Posted by Blingmom View Post
Wow certainly didn't mean to piss anyone off.

I was just commenting that there aren't different brands of Swarovskis since swarovski is the actual brand. There are different distributors.

Didn't realize rhinestones could be such a touchy subject.

And by the way I've been creating beaded jewelry with swarovski beads and making rhinestone shirts for years, so I happen to know what I'm talking about also.

WOW.... EEeekkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!! Calm down. I have been reading this post and in no way was anyone being rude to you. I kind of took offense to what you just said and Im not even Allison...

Allison has been sweet for as long as I have been on this forum. Never known her to be rude. And from what I know swavorski is a way of cutting, not a brand. Let me find that info for you and I will post the link.

Please dont take this post the wrong way. Im just hoping you dont get hurt feelings from something meaningless.
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