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Default Re: Perfect Rhinestone

Originally Posted by melham View Post
STUPID QUESTION I am sure, but how do you know which are which?
If it is GLASS, it contains LEAD, the process of making glass uses lead. The whole issue with the CPA is that the lead in the glass cannot be removed by putting it in anything, it has been tested with acids many times stronger than the acids in our body and the lead was still not extracted from the finished product. BUT bc glass has lead it in, it is part of the presence of lead in the glass. That said, you are able to make glass without lead but it is not near as sparkly because the lead is what gives it the refractive quality to look like crystals......ok, sorry so I research a bit too much (teacher in me sorry), that was way off of the question....

The ones that are low lead say low lead such as at

Swarovski is the company named for the man that invented the machine that cuts the glass into the crystals that are so beautiful.

Crystalized is the TRADEMARK of a company that uses this cutting method.

if you are at all a research geek like I am you can look here and read the story

and also about the different trademarks
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