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Default Re: How much do you charge for headbands and kufis?

Something to consider when pricing your items and of course this will vary by area, but if you price your items to low people will think they are cheap and by cheap I mean low quality. I sell my Kufi's for $10, waffle Beanies for $7 and Crochet headbands for $3, If they want a flower it's an additional $5 for any of the above options. I have a client who sell Kufi's w/flower at Trunk Shows for $25 the same ones I'm selling for $15. If your at a crafts fair or other type of show and theres another vendor selling theres for $15 and your selling yours for $10 they will wonder why your prices are lower and think the other one might be better quality. This will vary by area but don't cheat your self.
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