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Default Re: 101 ways to use your woodburner :)

Originally Posted by strawberrybaby View Post
To entertain my husband.

You should ask my husband what he does with my woodburner. He has engraved every possible thing on my craft My wooden clothes pins have his name engraved on them, he has burned a few plastic things with it. OMG I can't leave mine unattended around him...jijiji
My husband also thinks its his toy... Men... I also just burned a huge hole in my carpet last week which made me think of this post. My husband says I did it on purpose because I have been begging for Hardwood Floors. He ordered me one of those flat iron holders to mount to the side of my desk so that it will be in there when its on. He is ssooo bossy!

ETA-- Do not put a woodburner in one of the flat iron holders- Im sure it will burn through. The only way to do this, that I know of, is to line it with something. My husband took the measurements of the inside of the one I have already for my flat iron and will be going to Lowes and have them cut some very thin sheets of steel so he can weld them together to make a small cup to fit inside so the woodburner would not burn through. I just wanted to add this because I dont want anyone spending $50-$60 thinking they can just throw the woodburner in there.

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