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Originally Posted by ktd0831 View Post
I went to Michaels, but ended up not buying it as I didn't have a coupon for it. I know it's not that expensive but 40% is a 40% isn't it!!!

I might try lighter method. I know many people use woodburner, but I didn't know lighter works as good as wb. Just melt the both ends together and hold it???
I remember coming across a thread on how to make FOE headbands a couple months ago and Lilredsmiles explained it perfectly(she always does)! Here is the easy, no-fail method!

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
I do mine a bit differently. I fuse my ends together with a lighter. Then I re-melt & press flat with the side of my lighter to cool nice & flat. Then I cover with a grosgrain loop. So easy, fast & strong. No sewing required.
Instead of using grosgrain for the loop, I just cut some FOE and use that as the loop...matches perfectly, of course! HTH
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