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Default Re: Attaching bows to flip flops

Ok, this is in my long list of "to do's" but has anyone ever tried using
Gorilla Glue? That stuff holds anything! My hubby uses it for everything, problem is, it takes awhile to set, about 30 to 60 mins.
We have the one that says, dries white 2x faster.
It bonds to foam, glass, wood, stone, metal ceramics and more, also is 100% waterproof!
I sound like a commercial!
IF anyone tries it, be CAREFUL, the glues expands 3-4 times, only put a little bit on it and spread it!
On the back side of the box, it says, NOT recommened on
polyethylene or polypropylene plastics. I have no idea if the flip flops has any of those or even the ribbon in them?
Wish it dried clear though. I guess you could glue it to the flip flops, then hot glue a piece of ribbon around where the glue shows?

PLEASE let me know if anyone tries it. I don't have the flip flops here to try it, but I could try it on a piece of ribbon!
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