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Default Re: How much do you charge for headbands and kufis?

Originally Posted by aleahporche View Post
Im having the same problem. I was selling in a boutique and the owner had such a high mark up on my stuff I felt like I needed to lower my prices and I never felt like I was making any money. Now Im selling on a site that is similar to a craigs list and people are always trying to talk me down. My husband gets mad at me. I don't know the right way to tell people no without turning them away. I think $6 for a crochet headband with a big flower is reasonable, especialy if you shop around online and see how much they are going for- then add in that you might have to pay tax and shipping. Here is a picture of what Im selling for $6.
I so agree. the people that are interested and love my bows are people who are not used to shopping in boutiques and look at me funny when I tell them how much a bow is. and Im usually giving them a deal because I know them....

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