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Default Re: Help with ranunculus flowers please

Okay I've done quiet a few of these in the past month so I've btdt but I'm no expert. I just wanted to pass some ranunny flower wisdom on, I hth's.

The KEY to making the flowers keep their shape is lining up the petals right(do NOT do NOT line up the petals in line with each other and the layer before it) and adding little dabs of glue on the first two bottom layers(heck maybe even three if you want the petals to lay tighter) at about mid petal so they can keep a tighter form instead of being floppy and but they look natural. Also not using the spacers will give the flower a good softer non stiff feel, again more natural imo. PLUS one of those spacers is just jumungo and you can see it sometimes if the petals do not cover it at a certain angel. I rarely use spacers unless I absolutely need to. I love putting these together but hate the hot glue strings now those drive me batty lol.

Ahh I hope I didn't confuse anyone lol totally not my intentions. These are super fun flowers to work with. If anyone has any questions about what I posted just lmk and I will try to explain the best I can.
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