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Default Re: Can someone PLEASE tell me what I am doing wrong

Originally Posted by mommy2-4 View Post
In the first pictures - really the biggest issue is you need to "fluff" the bow. I agree that you need a tighter crease too. I find that pulling the thread really tight and having a tight center makes the bow shape up better.
I usually grab the bow by the edges near the center knot and kind of push them down and curve them inwards at the same time. I dont' know if that makes sense or not! LOL You want your four inner sections to resemble a "C" shape.
Then I will take my fingers and flatten out the center "ruffles" that are created by the creases.
In the second pictures it looks like that is the back of the bow??
Here's pic of my tbb - it really just takes practice, and some starch!! LOL
ETA: I use the figure 8 method as well. Thats what works for me!
I do mine the same way as you.Before I tie my bow off, it seems to help me to somewhat shape it to make shaping it correctly easier,I have tried many different methods, and that was the easiest for me!
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