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Default Re: Help with ranunculus flowers please

Originally Posted by MooGClips View Post
did you leave the spacers in?
and did you use all the layers of petals?

i was going to post asking these questions as well.

i usually sew my layers, but if i want to leave spacers in, then i can't. so i tried one flower out and sewed it. it looks decent.

i think i want to get bigger rhinestones for the centers.

Both of the flowers that I posted. I didnt leave any of the spacers. For the pink one I didnt use about 3 or 4 petal and the ones that I used werent as "decent" thats why it look totally different than the green one.
For the green one I didnt use 1 petal and I didnt use the spacers either.

I was thinking fo sewing mine too but I dint know how it would go with the hole in the center.
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