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Default Tutu best tulle

For those of you in the tutu business, what's your favorite tulle to work with (if there is a difference in any)? Where do you get it? I don't sell tutus as I don't enjoy working with tulle plus it takes me all morning to make just one. I do like to give them out as gifts! I've been using the tulle rolls that you find at hobby lobby for $4.99 or at gift international for about $1.50. It's not that soft.
I see a lot of people selling tutus for $5-$20 and I always ask myself, "how can they possible make money selling at those prices?" That only covers supplies. So, what's the secret? Where do you get the tulle and how long did it take you to get the hang of it and make one in half an hour. It takes me an hour just to cut the tulle, LOL and another one to wrap the ribbon around the waist
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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