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Default Re: Selling flipflops

Originally Posted by MistyMeadowW View Post
I sell mine for $10.00. I have sold a few too. I just started them at the end of the summer season last year. I so stocked up at HL last weekend!! I am going there again on the 3rd, so I will buy more if they have them.

I also just bought some keychains from a woman on craigslist and she said she sold her flip flops for $6.00 at a local flea market.

I am not too awful sure but I think the average for selling them is $10.00. If someone knows different please let us know. Check out as well. See what they are going for on there.
Im selling mine between 10-12 dollars. They all have detachable bows and it depends if I wrap them or not.

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