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Default Re: Need opinions on the posing

I would have to agree with them its a great pix and nothing bad on your part its just the things some bad people do. I love pix like this until I was informed that there are people out there looking for pix like this.
After that I just put a cute little tube top on them really easy to make!
You did nothing wronge its the wronge of other people you have to worry about

Originally Posted by Scoots View Post
I listed this item, was very excited about the pics since it was a trade, but then my DH was freaked out that the girl is shirtless...what do you guys think? Do you think it's inappropriate? I'm now thinking it is and I've actually taken off a couple pictures that showed more and had different poses. They are great pics, but I was looking for some feedback on appropriateness. Thanks!

Listing is here:

Here's the listing for the tutu set by my friend...she has more of the pics on her listing:
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