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Originally Posted by Diane Crafts View Post
Seems like I'm always putting out an SOS here I just finished my first tutu (purple ) and I'm starting my second one (pink ) they are soooo darn cute but I have a question. Do y'all use the "knotted" side as the outside or the inside? I thought I saw the knots on the outside but if that's the case I must be doing something wrong because mine looks so much better if I put the knots to the inside. It looks "flufflier" for some reason if the "smooth" side is out. So is there really a right side and a wrong side and if so...what am I doing wrong? Also on my knotted side I seem to have places where the elastic shows in some places on the smooth side it doesn't I've got the tulle pushed as close together as I would want it without it being way too full. I'm using 3/4" non-roll elastic and 6" spool tulle. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

OK Let me ask this...which knot do you use to tie your tulle to the elastic? Maybe I'm using the wrong knot. I have been using what I think is the larks head knot...a simple fold the tulle in half hold it under the elastic, slip both ends through the loop and pull it down tight. Is this the knot you are using? OR are you using a slip knot...which I really really really have never got the hang of, nor can I do a square knot or any other kind of knot ....I'm soooooooooooooooo knot challenged...I would never make a good sailor.

Sounds like I use the same knotting technique as you - on a 3/4" waistband. I also had the same feeling about the knots - the waistband showing etc. and sell them as knots on the inside - been doing them like that for a little over a year . Just look better to me!
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