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Default Re: Secret to hot gluing centers

Originally Posted by melham View Post
Thanks, everyone. I will try less glue Maybe I will venture out into the E600 world as well. I am impatient and dislike drying time!
If you use the E600, use a respirator mask. It is terribly toxic and hard on your liver. I was not ever going to use it.. but I needed to use it on flip flops. I used it inside (my basement) and worked with it on flip flop embellishment for about one hour. I did not use a mask (and knew better) and when I was finished I felt quite sick. I don't think we all realize how toxic that glue is. (I always say to myself, I will be done here in a minute).. but I got a respirator yesterday. Even the paper mask that you can use for yardwork would be better than nothing.
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