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Default Re: Sending out a picture SOS!!!

Originally Posted by LilHiccups View Post
I can help you if you need help with product pics.....I have a fast er turnaround usually next day..... Let me get a pic of the bottlecap necklace I got today to should you what I can do!
Thanks for the offer, but I don't sell these for very much---and by the time I send them to you, and you send them back, and the cost for your service, I would actually be in the negative.

Originally Posted by clovertine View Post
This might sound silly, but is your lens dirty? I use my DSLR 90% of the time, but I noticed last time I pulled out my point & shoot that the pictures came out smudged looking like that. And surprise, surprise it was because there was a smudge on the lens. I felt like it was such a "DUH" moment, but it was as simple as cleaning the lens & flash real well, then I had pretty pics again.

Taking pics outside or in a light box will definitely help them to look better, too. But just make sure your lens is crystal clear first.

I'll try that, considering it's the ONLY thing I haven't tried--LOL!!!!! I did take some outside, but they still had glares.

Thanks for the tips, girls!! Think I just need a new camera!! My first mistake was to let my 3YO walk around taking pictures with it!! Who knows what she did to it!!
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